How Residents Stay on Good Terms With Their Communities

March 21, 2022 |

Updated March 21, 2022

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NAA President and CEO Bob Pinnegar discusses ways residents can maintain positive relationships with their communities in his latest Washington Post column.

In his latest Washington Post column, “How to stay on good terms with your apartment community,” Bob Pinnegar, NAA President and CEO, discusses how residents can make the most out of their relationships with staff, neighbors and the community itself.

His six main points include be respectful, be reasonable and take care of your home. Communication is an underlying factor throughout—“maintain open and honest communication,” Pinnegar says.

It’s the little things like saying, “Hello,” that are ways Pinnegar says residents can be respectful toward maintenance staff or property managers. “Small actions of courtesy go a long way in establishing positive relationships in your community.”

Residents must be reasonable when it comes to work orders and maintenance scheduling. More urgent requests will be ahead of the more common minor repairs. And, depending on the lease, fixes might be covered by the residents (e.g., air filters and lightbulbs).

Respect toward the home is also an item that should cross residents’ minds. Create a comfortable living environment but be careful not to change anything that might not be allowed in the lease like painting walls.

“Informing your property manager about issues, making sure your expectations align and being respectful to one another will help create a positive situation for all involved,” Pinnegar says.

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