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How to Beef Up Your Social Media Presence

Improve Social Media Presence

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Creating a Twitter handle is only a tiny first step to unlocking your company’s social media potential.

You acknowledge that you need to have a social media presence to be competitive. It is the best way to reach Millennials and now Gen Z. And it can boost your brand.

But to get the most out of social media, you need to go a step or two further, writes Martin Canchola on

“You can take this [building a brand] a step further by branding your content with a logo or hashtag,” Canchola writes. “By building awareness, you will naturally get more traffic. More traffic means more eyes are on your property, which can translate to leads.”

Apartment owners and managers must determine what their social media goal is. Do they want page likes, calls or website clicks? After they need to make a commitment to responding quickly to inquiries and diving conversation.

“This can be done by engaging with the audience by posting content that is relevant to them and adjusting your content strategy accordingly,” Canchola writes. “By constantly engaging, your followers are more likely to follow through with highly desired actions, such as a website click, filling out a lead form or calling directly to schedule a tour.”

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