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What Owners Want from Their Managers

Property Management

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Timeliness in response, professionalism, and limiting vacancies are all big concerns for owners. But some factors trump those issues.

In an effort to find out what apartment owners wanted, analyzed reviews that owners were leaving on our clients’ Google+ and Yelp pages. Common themes were found. One was, not surprisingly, maintenance.

Response times, professionalism and limiting vacancies are all big concerns for owners. But none rank bigger than communication.

“It should come as no surprise that communication is the biggest thing owners care about when it comes to you providing them with property management services,” according to “Both your happiest and your angriest clients have something in common; they care about communication or lack thereof. Poor communication drives negative reviews. Keep a great line of communication open with your clients so you get positive feedback.”

Providing high-quality work will reduce maintenance, saving the owner money and preserving the condition of the property, according to

“If you want positive online reviews, you have to do good work. Reach out to your happy owners so they are consistently leaving you positive reviews.”

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