NAA Leadership

NAA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Committees, task forces and other groups are established to assist in this governance. Committees represent, involve and serve members while providing a framework for educating future leaders of the association. They promote member participation in problem solving and provide a forum for the many interests within the association, utilizing the experience, knowledge and skills of our members.

Meet our CEO

Meet our Board of Directors

NAA is organized into 10 regional entities. Each state in the region is allocated delegates and alternates based upon a percentage of dues paid to NAA. A delegate (or alternate) is authorized to act as a representative of the state from which they were appointed to vote on Association business that may come before the Assembly of Delegates.

NAA Regional Map

If you have questions about NAA’s Leadership, including ways in which you can serve as a volunteer, please contact Leanne Shroeder, Director of Governance.