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CRA Proposal Draws Industry Response

August, 2022 | Updated August, 2022

Rental housing industry reacts to the issuing of a proposed rule by banking regulators that would update the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act. Banking regulators issued a proposed rule that would update the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which was last updated in 1995. NAA and NMHC joined…

The Evolution of Pet Policies Post-Pandemic

By Ellen Ryan | August, 2022 | Updated August, 2022

The rental housing industry continues to balance attracting and retaining animal-loving residents with keeping the peace and mitigating potential problems.Think your rental community’s gone to the dogs, cats and birds? You’re right. About two-thirds of U.S. households have at least one pet, and…

Industry Legal Victory: Ohio Court of Appeals Rules Lead-Safe Certification Eviction Rule Invalid

August, 2022 | Updated August, 2022

In a legal victory for Ohio housing providers, the Ohio Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday, August 11, that the Cleveland Housing Court did not have the authority to prevent an eviction due to a building code violation.  This ruling is a win for the multifamily industry. As adverse housing policy…

Mixed-Use Apartments Quadruple in 10 Years

August, 2022 | Updated August, 2022

Apartment homes in mixed-use buildings have grown exponentially in 10 years, resulting in a post-pandemic world where residents live, work and play.Apartment home numbers in mixed-use buildings (live-work-play [LWP] buildings) have grown substantially during the past 10 years. A recent report from…

Industry Win: Carried Interest Provision Eliminated from Senate Bill

August, 2022 | Updated August, 2022

August 9, 2022 Update: Senate Democrats were able to pass their budget reconciliation package – the Inflation Reduction Act – after securing the support of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). The Senator agreed to support the bill after receiving several concessions, including the elimination of the…

Year-Over-Year Rent Growth Continues

August, 2022 | Updated August, 2022

Rent growth continues in 2022 but at a much slower pace than was seen through this point last year. According to the Apartment List August 2022 National Rent Report, the national index increased 1.1% during July. Year-over-year (YoY) rent growth is at 12.3%, well below the 18% peak seen earlier…

Rising Rent Solutions

July, 2022 | Updated July, 2022

The cost of living is increasing, and inflation continues at 40-year highs. National Apartment Association President and CEO Bob Pinnegar reviews some of the factors impacting rent prices and several solutions to stabilize housing costs in his latest column for the Washington Post, “What’s behind…

Building a Better Multifamily Brand from the Ground Up

By Ashley Tyndall | July, 2022 | Updated July, 2022

How can you ensure your branding meets the demands of the multifamily housing marketplace?Why is multifamily branding so important? The term “brand” has evolved over the years, and in today’s highly competitive world, brand simply refers to the way the public perceives your entity. People have…

Unblurring the Lines Between Marketing and Advertising in Multifamily

By Ashley Tyndall | July, 2022 | Updated July, 2022

There’s a thin line between marketing and advertising, and these days, it keeps getting thinner.To gain a better understanding of what type of multifamily marketing strategy your business needs, you must first decipher the differences between advertising and marketing and assess how to use each to…

Why Content Marketing Should Be Your Multifamily Mantra

By Ashley Tyndall | July, 2022 | Updated July, 2022

Four tips for executing a successful content marketing strategy for the rental housing marketplace. “Location, Location, Location.” You’ve all heard it, it’s been seared into your minds for years as the mantra of the multifamily housing market. And while it still is strong in some sectors…