Renew Your Credential or AIME Membership

Welcome to the credential renewal page!

All credential renewal applications must be submitted through PACE, the Platform for Apartment Credential Engagement.  Your renewal application will appear in the portal 90 days before it is due.  At that time, you will be able to pay your renewal fees.  You may submit your continuing education credits (CECs) at any time during the year and they will be automatically applied to your renewal application.

 Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

To upload CECs to your account, click CEC Activities in your PACE account.  Complete the CEC form and upload documentation of your activities.  PACE will save your CEC submissions and apply them to your renewal.

Renewal FAQs

I am a CAMT credential holder.  Do I need to renew my credential?

The CAMT credential is accredited by ANSI (now ANAB). The credential does not require renewal and is good for life. The Apartment Institute for Maintenance Excellence (AIME) program is an optional membership program available only to CAMT credential holders. As a member of AIME, you will be acknowledged as a leader in the field of Apartment Maintenance with access to the most up-to-date information on industry regulations and other changing standards.

What are the benefits to renewing my credential?

The full list of credential holder benefits can be found here.

I need a new certificate. How can I obtain one?

To obtain a new certificate, use this form. You may print out a certificate at any time through the BadgeCert link you received for your digital badge.

How should I proceed with renewal if I have been deployed in the military?

Have your dues and CECs waived by submitting a Military Deployment Waiver.

I am retired or have been in the industry for 25 years.  Do I need to submit CECs?

If you are retired and inactive in the apartment industry or if you have been employed in the rental housing industry for over 25 years and have maintained your credential for over 10 years, you may apply for Emeritus status. Credential holders with Emeritus status pay renewal fees but are not required to submit CECs with renewal. If you are eligible for Emeritus status, the application will appear along with your credential in PACE.

What happens if I don't renew my credential?

Credential holders who fail to submit renewal fees or sufficient CECs will become inactive in the NAA database and will be unable to use the credential acronym or receive other credential holder benefits. NAA will continue billing inactive credential holders for three years of inactivity. Credential holders have up to five years after becoming inactive to reinstate their credential (by submitting a $50 reinstatement fee, two years of CECs, and outstanding dues up to three years). After five years of inactivity, credential holders would be required to retake the course and exam.

I am behind on my renewal.  What do I do now?

You can still bring your credential into good standing! Credential holders who are late completing their credential renewal can reinstate by submitting a $50 reinstatement fee and then submitting all required dues payments and CECs.  If it has been more than one year, the credential holder should submit unpaid dues and continuing education for the years they did not submit as well as the $50 reinstatement fee.

Need CECs? You have a lot of online and in-class options!

Credential holders are charged for no more than three years of back dues and no more than two years of continuing education. 

Can I renew by mail?

Credential renewals must be completed in PACE.  We do not accept mailed or emailed renewal applications or payments.

What are the fees for renewals and reinstatements?

Renewal Fees (this includes credential holders with Emeritus status): CALP $75 | CAM $125 | CAPS $125 | CAS $100

Credential Reinstatement Fee: $50 

Are examination fees, renewal fees and reinstatement fees refundable?

Please note that examination fees, renewal fees and reinstatement fees ARE NOT refundable.

Don't Forget to Claim Your Digital Badge!

Once you have earned or renewed your credential, you will receive an email from BadgeCert with an invitation to claim your Digital Badge. Learn more about Digital Badges.

Investigation Procedures

To uphold the integrity of the NAAEI credentials, NAAEI has policies and procedures that govern the potential and actual submission of fraudulent information and exam regulations breach. Please reference the Candidate Handbook, CAMT Program Candidate Handbook and the Investigation Procedures for information.