2019 Year In Review Apartment Jobs Snapshot

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By the end of 2019, the apartment labor market delivered a strong performance. Demand for apartments reached record levels during the year, with secondary markets Denver, Austin, San Antonio, and Raleigh in the lead with the highest demand for apartment industry professionals. Job demand in these areas coincided with their strong apartment market fundamentals during the year, most notably with new deliveries. In Raleigh, salaries for property managers were above the U.S. average, and leasing consultant salaries were particularly competitive in Austin and Denver. Maintenance positions were the most sought after during 2019.

Total Job Postings in the Apartment Industry infographic. The highest point is in August, with 43.3%.

Earnings for top MSAs in 2019, with the highest paying role being Property Manager, followed by Assistant property Manger, Leasing Consultant, Maintenance Supervisor, and Maintenance Technician

Job Postings by Major Category, including Property Management, Leasing, and Maintenance, from 2018 to 2019.