Advertising Opportunities

Promote your company to decision-makers in the rental housing industry by advertising with NAA, the prominent voice in the industry!

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To remain competitive in today's apartment housing industry, a multi-platform approach is essential. Your media plan achieves top strength when it reaches your clients where they live, with an integrated program maximizing the best of print, digital and custom content.

Our team will work with you to customize your media strategy—within your budget and capabilities—and choose the strongest channels to get your message delivered.

Review all of the advertising opportunities that NAA offers in our 2024 Media Kit.

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units Magazine

The official publication of NAA, available in print and online, and most read magazine in the rental housing industry. Reach the largest market of industry professionals involved in purchasing decisions.


NAA offers both weekly and monthly newsletters including targeted options so you can reach your optimal audience.

Website Advertising

Keep your brand top-of-mind with, which generates more than 230k monthly pageviews, through standard ads or content spots!


social media followers: 42k+ facebook followers, 23k+ twitter followers, 9k+ instagram followers
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Social Media

With a combined total of more than 72,000 followers, you have the opportunity to share your unique knowledge and information to demonstrate expertise in the industry. 

Ad Retargeting

One of the most effective forms of digital advertising, ad retargeting serves highly relevant ads to your target audiences.