Apartment Association of Metro Denver, CAA Partner to Help Staffing Challenges

The associations partnered with Entryway to assist those with unstable housing.

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The Apartment Association of Metro Denver and the Colorado Apartment Association have partnered with Entryway, formerly Shelters to Shutters, to help individuals and families with unstable, at-risk housing. Entryway provides career training and housing opportunities with the help of local partnerships. Kit Baker-Carr is the Denver Executive Director, Entryway's 10th market.

“It’s no secret that one of Denver’s greatest challenges is our growing population of those experiencing homelessness,” said Baker-Carr in a release. “However, the majority of these individuals have workforce experience and are looking for an opportunity to return to economic independence. Entryway opens the door for these individuals to get back on track while providing the high-growth multifamily industry with trained, motivated employees.”

Apartment Association of Metro Denver President Jared Miller said, “Entryway provides a really powerful opportunity to address housing and career stability. Through the program, our members can hire exceptional talent while providing housing assistance to them and their families. We’re thrilled to champion Entryway with AAMD."

Entryway's Denver City Advisory Board includes more than a dozen local business leaders from the rental housing industry.