Arlington, Va, Nonprofit Forges New Path to Housing for Veterans

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Two blocks from the headquarters of the National Apartment Association (NAA) in Arlington, Va, sits a small nonprofit housing organization that is making a big splash in the construction of new affordable housing for America’s veterans in one of the country’s tightest housing markets.

As Politico recently reported, by partnering with their local chapter of the American Legion, the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) were able to secure an invaluable commodity: land in Arlington County. Because Arlington's local Legion Post, Post 139, sits on a large and desirable parcel in the county, a deal was worked out that benefits both sides. The APAH will build 160 units of affordable housing on the land, and Post 139 will maintain their meeting facilities on the ground floor.

This is an extremely exciting development for veterans in Northern Virginia, and provides a shining example of how organizations can work together to deploy housing that is affordable right where its needed and targeted to those who most need it.

NAA is currently in the process of gathering more details about the plan; be on the lookout for the  August edition of the Apartment Advocate, which will include a comprehensive look at the process and the people involved in the deal.

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