Beacon Technology May Provide Valuable Insights to Property Managers

May 27, 2016 |

Updated May 14, 2019

1 minute read

For property managers wondering how their on-site facilities, like gyms and laundry rooms, are being used, location-tracking technology could provide answers. 

Mobile Doorman, a Chicago-based company, creates apps for apartment buildings. It recently added beacon technology to its apps to help property managers learn more about their operations and to help residents learn more about the business of those common areas.

"Our mission is for you to feel like this app on your phone represents your apartment building," says co-founder Bob Matteson.

If a property manager puts a beacon in their fitness center, they’ll be able track how many residents are in the gym in real time and get data about what times of day tend to be the busiest. They can even place sensors on gym equipment to determine which machines are used the most.

"The more they can understand what's being used, the smarter they can be about how they're investing money into the property to improve it," Matteson says.

Now, the data from the app will be limited to information gained from residents who download the app and have Bluetooth turned on. Matteson says the beacons will only be placed in common areas, not private units.

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