HUD Changes Policy for Bed Bug Inspections

1 minute read

HUD recently announced a policy change for inspecting units with bed bugs by all inspectors who conduct physical inspections of HUD assisted and insured properties. Specifically, these units will now have to be fully inspected like any other unit. The previous policy required inspectors not to enter a unit if bed bugs were reported, and to choose a different unit to inspect. Importantly, the new policy makes clear that the presence and treatment of bed bugs on a property will not affect the inspection score.

This policy amends the old protocol by requiring inspectors to enter all units in which bed bugs are reported. The change is taking place as a result of research that found the likelihood of transfer of bed bugs to an inspector from an infested unit is remote.

NAA/NMHC will continue to call for expanded research efforts to develop solutions to control bed bugs. We are also working to identify best practices and other options to assist owners in dealing with catastrophic bed bug infestations. In addition, we are partnering with regulatory officials to ensure that actions through notices, rules and regulations are consistent with our industry’s observed best practices for bed bug management.


Provided by NMHC as part of the NAA/NMHC Joint Legislative Program