MEB Management Services, Weller Management Merge

The two organizations reorganized into Bryten Real Estate Partners.

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MEB Management Services and Weller Management are now Bryten Real Estate Partners. The merger and reorganization to integrate the two companies creates a multifamily manager with nearly 47,000 units and 1,150 employees across the U.S.

"Both MEB and Weller have built their reputations in multifamily management as respectable, reliable organizations that focus on people first," said Libby Ekre, founding Principal of MEB, in a release. "Our valued residents, clients and team members should expect the same, heightened level of compassion, commitment and quality of service with Bryten."

MEB had 700 employees with more than 27,000 units under management in the Southwest. Weller was home to 450 employees and nearly 20,000 units before the merger.

"Bryten plans to grow our assets under management by supporting our client's growth objectives, diversifying our portfolio both geographically and in product type while building a team of industry experts with an unmatched level of service," said Joe Emerson, former founding Principal at Weller, in the release.