NAA’s Mental Health Awareness Week

May 20-24, 2023

Mental health affects people on all sides of the leasing desk, from residents to maintenance to the C-suite and everyone in between. With these kinds of emotional, and sometimes physical, implications, rental housing professionals can be called to wear numerous hats far outside their job descriptions and the current company culture and hiring policies.

That’s why NAA has partnered with the National Council for Mental Wellbeing to present this 5-part cathartic webinar series to fit the needs of our industry.

This year’s line-up includes topics such as stress management & burnout, substance use & coping mechanisms, trauma, reflection and diversity, equity & inclusion & mental health.

Using the hashtag #NAAMentalHealthWeek on social media, share your company’s journey towards mental health care.

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Have you heard or uttered the phrases “it’s a lot” or “this is just too much” about your job or work recently? Join us as we help you understand the difference between stress and burnout; identify key signs and symptoms of burnout at work and in life and understand the causes of burnout, the role of gender and remote work plays in workplace burnout. 

Monday, May 20, 2 p.m. E.T.

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As people are continuously confronted with the emotional complications of substance use disorder, it has become paramount to develop compassionate strategies based on scientific knowledge. Join us to learn how to differentiate conditions, identify the characteristics of SUD, pinpoint affected scientific components of SUD like dopamine and outline available referral sources and other support/treatment options. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2 p.m. E.T.

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While “thinking outside the box” is considered a gift in most workplaces, there are instances where it can be used against you or your colleagues to humiliate or punish you for voicing a new idea, questioning the higher-ups or making a mistake. This is traumatic. Join our expert to discuss the impact of psychological safety and cognitive diversity have at work and how to foster safety. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2 p.m. E.T.

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During this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s take an hour to reflect on the lessons and strategies you’ve learned so far. This can be time for yourself or a session with your team, members, affiliates or colleagues to explore tactics that build mental health wellness. You could:

  • Host an event in-person or online to help individuals understand and embrace mental wellness, demonstrating techniques like office yoga, playing music, guided meditations or other exercises
  • Allow employees time off to practice their own mental wellness
  • Engage in a mental wellness brainstorming session on ways to improve (or establish) more robust mental health policies
  • Bring in a Mental Health First Aide Instructor or other mental health counselor to discuss techniques to create a safe space at work
  • Split up the hour throughout the day so employees can figure out ways to sprinkle mental wellness throughout their workday

Use the hashtag #NAAMentalHealthWeek to share your organization’s actions and shine a light on this important topic.

Mental Health Resources

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow, May 24 for our final installment for Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, Fully Furnished: Connecting DEI & B with Mental Wellness

Mental wellbeing is a topic that encompasses all people and environments from the workplace to your community to the grocery store. Let’s gather to discuss intersectional strategies that link together and support your internal goals for mental fitness and DEI&B, and lead to positive changes in our society. 

Friday, May 24, 2 p.m. E.T.

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Sponsored by Matrix Fitness

NAA's Mental Health Awareness Week is sponsored by Matrix Fitness, a proud NAA Industry Partner and strong supporter of mental health advocacy for all ages and stages. They uplift the importance of movement and its positive impact on mental wellbeing to cultivate self-care in communities everywhere.

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