NAA Political Affairs Update - November 2023

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As of November 27, 2023, NAAPAC has raised 90%, or approximately $1,080,000, of our 2023 goal of $1.2 million.

NAA affiliate partners across the country are working hard toward their respective Fund Our Future goals for 2023. Thank you to the 41 affiliates who have met their fundraising goal for the year and several others are on the verge of hitting theirs. To track your own affiliate’s progress, please click here.

And if you want to give your members one last chance to support NAAPAC, there is the NAAPAC Holiday Sweepstakes, where one lucky participant will win a $2,000 gift card to Tiffany & Co. or another luxury retailer of their choosing. The entry fee is just $25 per ticket, 5 tickets for $100. The sweepstakes ends soon on December 8, so act fast so you don't miss your chance to win this fantastic prize!

Contact: Rob Johnson

Housing Affordability Program Approvals

On November 16, 2023, after receiving a favorable referral from the Affiliate Staff Advisory Council (ASAC) and the Legislative Committee, NAA's Board of Directors voted to approve Housing Affordability Program (HAP) grants totaling nearly $550,000:

  • Calif. | East Bay Rental Housing Authority, $50,000 campaign to fight TOPA (Tenant Opportunity to Purchase) legislation at the Oakland City Council 
  • Conn. | Connecticut Apartment Association, $30,000 campaign to fight rent control legislation at the state level. 
  • Md. | Maryland Multi-Housing Association, $50,000 campaign to fight rent control and cap legislation in the Howard County Council. 
  • Mich. | Property Management Association of Michigan, $50,000 campaign to fight source of income, rent control, and right to renew legislation at the state level. 
  • Ill. | Chicagoland Apartment Association, $217,391 campaign to build on the existing SHAPE program and fight rent control legislation at the state level.
  • Mass. | Greater Boston Real Estate Board, $150,000 campaign to fight a proposed state transfer tax on all properties over $1 million at a rate between 0.5% - 2%.

Contact: April Capone

Got Relationships with Policymakers? Brag About Them to NAA! 

Successful advocacy depends on relationships. While NAA knows about dozens of influential relationships its members have with policymakers, we suspect we only know about the tip of the relationship iceberg. That’s why NAA just launched a new relationship survey to learn about WHO our advocates know and HOW WELL.

As the cliché says, “knowledge is power.” Having deeper knowledge about the relationships NAA advocates have with their policymakers will enhance NAA’s advocacy work and ultimately our ability to influence policy decisions that are important to all our members. So, please take five minutes today to tell NAA about your relationships with policymakers and urge other industry peers to take it too.

Contact: Seth Turner