Navigating the Ins and Outs of Data Privacy

Because data privacy laws vary from state to state, it can be difficult to track changes to the legal framework. Find out how to stay up to date.

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New state-level data privacy laws in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah and Virginia go into effect in 2023. These changes will have a direct impact on companies in the multifamily housing space. To inform members of these upcoming changes, NAA’s Legal Affairs team hosted “Navigating the Ins & Outs of Data Privacy,” presented by three Dentons attorneys.  

What is Data Privacy?

"Data privacy" refers to the protection of sensitive personal information that is collected from an individual by a third party. Data privacy laws are mainly concerned with how sensitive information is handled after it is collected. Unfortunately, there is no universal standard for data protection at the state or federal level.  

United States data privacy laws are a patchwork of state and federal regulations. Therefore, it can be difficult to track changes to the legal framework when they take place. Federal data privacy regulations are usually sector specific. There are laws that govern health information, financial data or educational records. In addition, each state has a unique approach to data protection depending on the type of data that is collected. Each of the state laws define personal information differently, and each law has a unique set of requirements collectors must follow to remain in compliance.  

Webinar Overview

In the webinar, Dentons attorney Peter Stockburger dives deep into the changing data privacy landscape, analyzing the legal changes in each state that will be affected by new laws in 2023.  NAA is happy to partner with Dentons to provide additional information about the changing laws to our members. Data privacy laws can take many forms. With new data privacy laws going into effect in 2023, it is important to stay up to date on how the changes may affect your company. NAA will continue to be a thought leader in the industry and provide resources that we hope are valuable. We invite you to review our webinar and the related materials here at your convenience.  

Learn more and watch “Navigating the Ins & Outs of Data Privacy.”