Participate Now: Fannie Mae Energy & Water Survey

Industry participation is needed as the EPA prepares to update energy and water use scoring.

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is updating its energy- and water-use performance scoring for multifamily properties. These scores ultimately provide metrics for property owners and operators to compare their consumption to other buildings. Many states and municipalities across the country utilize government-managed ratings like the Energy Star program to set water and energy benchmarking and labeling standards. 

The National Apartment Association (NAA) has partnered with Fannie Mae to promote their 2023 Multifamily Energy & Water Survey which will directly impact the final energy- and water-use performance scores. This survey will anonymously catalog utility consumption, cost and building characteristics. 

A comprehensive population of survey-takers is critical to ensure the results are not skewed towards any region or type of property. NAA encourages all members to take the survey and ensure that the rental housing industry is fully represented in this popular tool for policymakers seeking to reach their climate goals.

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