To Protect and Serve, at Home and Abroad

January 28, 2022 |

Updated February 8, 2022

2 minute read

In today’s hectic world, it’s easy to get too focused on growing our business. While the bottom line is certainly of great importance to our shareholders and the livelihood of our employees, we always like to take a step back to remind ourselves of our philanthropic mission statement of “Protecting the Communities You Care About Most.”

While Watchtower has many philanthropic initiatives (Towers of Excellence), we are constantly looking for opportunities where we can share our industry expertise to help others in need. One such opportunity recently came to us that we’d like to share.

One recent opportunity came through the great network of NAA. NAA Global Outreach Committee member and CaribbeanMGT Founder Roger Southam approached NAA’s VP of Business Development Ron Skinner to assist him with a charitable endeavor on the Cayman Islands. The need was for consultancy on the installation of security cameras at the Bonaventure Boys Home, a residential facility for youth who have been remanded for rehabilitation services by the courts. The trained staff at this home utilize a trauma-informed approach to not only rehabilitate but to help the residents thrive and reach their full potential.

Skinner then introduced the idea to Watchtower Security Principal Nathan Burnett, with the two having worked together on NAA’s National Suppliers Council (NSC). Recognizing the opportunity to extend Watchtower’s Philanthropic outreach beyond the bounds of the US, Burnett jumped at the chance to assist.

After learning more about the Bonaventure Boy’s Home and discussing their needs, Watchtower decided that consultative services were not enough, as this potential project so closely aligned with its current endeavors. Knowing that good begets good, the company decided to volunteer its time, expertise and the necessary equipment (with a little bit of help from Axis Communications) to help ensure a successful implementation.

As with all of our charitable opportunities, Watchtower turn to its employees to see if any would like to assist in any form. And like a good little brother, Clayton Burnett, Watchtower Director of R&D volunteered to lead the team with assistance from Andrew Pieplow, Watchtower Director of Marketing. Clayton and Pieplow oversaw the entire project from start to finish (from shipping/customs logistics to the installation with local resources to the programming and tuning of the equipment).

Although perhaps not directly involved, everyone at Watchtower Security is proud to be involved in an organization that helps ensure their facilities are safe and can continue to provide their structured and nurturing environment to the youth of the Cayman Islands.