Venterra Realty Donating to Ukrainian Children

Venterra Realty contributes $75,000 to children in Ukraine.

Venterra Realty is helping children in need with a donation of $75,000. The contribution to Save the Children is in support of children in Ukraine and the surrounding area during the current armed conflict.

“As a company that provides housing options for families, the thought of this many people suddenly being without a home, food or security is hard for us to imagine. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected,” said Venterra CEO John Foresi in a release.

Since 2014, Save the Children has been in Ukraine helping with the distribution of emergency supplies and supporting children who are in need of food, water and other hygiene supplies.

Venterra contributed $50,000 and matched donations from employees and others to reach $75,000.

“We are very grateful for the outpouring of care and concern about this crisis by Venterra team members. The response was clearly represented in the number of generous contributions our employees made to raise funds for Save the Children,” said Venterra Chairman Andrew Stewart in the release.

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