Illumination Proclamation: A Fireside Chat about Disability and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

With a growing call for more diversity, equity and inclusion in our communities and workplaces, it is also necessary that we expand this conversation to include disabilities. One in four people will be affected by disability in one way or another during their lifetime, which provides motivation to create spaces that have a foundation in accessibility and inclusion. Stigmas and stereotypes influenced by implicit bias have the ability to impede a person with a disability’s opportunity to participate fully in life. In this webinar, you will learn how disability can impact your daily life, understand the importance of the American’s with Disabilities Act, and how disability should be included in the diversity, equity and inclusion conversation.

Guided by Alycia Anderson and Steve Wunch, you will leave the webinar with:

  • A better knowledge of how disability affects our life
  • Understanding of the American’s With Disabilities Act
  • How disability fits in the discussion of diversity, equity and inclusion


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About the Speakers

Alycia Anderson

Alycia Anderson is on a mission to motivate and invoke change through the power of diversity and inclusion. She is an accomplished motivational speaker, corporate inclusion coach and the RVP of Sales at Knock, a multifamily CRM tech platform that helps leasing agents connect with renters and property managers understand how their business is performing. Anderson holds a European Masters Degree from KU Leuven, Belgium in Adapted Physical Activity emphasizing the benefits, practices and principles of inclusion.

Anderson is a tennis player, cyclist, identical twin and has been wheelchair-bound since birth. Born with sacral agenesis, her mission is to spread the power of diversity and inclusion to inspire all people in feeling limitless in living up to their fullest personal and professional potential. Using her voice to share her journey, Anderson aims to help communities, companies and organizations understand the true benefits inherent to building a diverse and inclusive society.

Steve Wunch

Steve Wunch is Sr. Director of Business Development for Leap, a FREE Security Deposit Replacement and Rent Guarantee platform that boosts NOI and increases physical and economic occupancy.

Steve is also a professional facilitator in leadership, sales and customer service. He is a national speaker, and has worked with multifamily companies to enhance, improve, and train their organizations to improve performance.

He began his career in multifamily over 27 years ago as a leasing consultant, and has served the multifamily-family in operations support as well as the supplier side.