Zumper Announces Flexible Leasing Service

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The new program is live across the country.

Zumper is joining the flexible leasing space. The San Francisco-based rental platform announced FlexPass on Feb. 23—a way for residents to have access to short-term rentals across the country. The program is free if booked before March 31. Features of FlexPass include no security deposit and concierge services seven days a week.

In August 2022, Zumper announced it had raised $178 million to fund its short-term rental project.

“We’re not just for trendsetters and digital nomads but for those in-between leases or those trying to build a rental history,” said Shalin Amin, Chief Experience Officer, in a release. “We’re a solution for many people looking for temporary housing in a growing workforce of migratory workers, like traveling nurses, construction crews, and disaster response teams.”

The flexible leasing space has become crowded recently. This includes Airbnb’s announcement several months ago that it would allow apartments to be listed as short-term rentals.

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