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DEI Awareness Week

The second annual NAA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Awareness Week is here with even more imperative knowledge on sustaining DE&I policies in the workplace and beyond. Building on last year’s lessons of storytelling, allyship and leadership, you’ll learn about supporting an intergenerational workforce, uncovering microaggressions, promoting inclusivity and building a foundation for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Each day, you’ll be guided by experts through online sessions that tie into the other lessons of the week, while also learning communication tactics from other rental housing professionals.

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Learning objectives include:  

  • Recognizing ageism and how to combat it  

  • Identifying, mitigating and coping with the harm of microaggressions   

  • Promoting workplace inclusion from the top down  

  • Understanding the state of DE&I in the rental housing industry from first-hand accounts and empirical data  

Date: October 10-13

Price: Free

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#NAADEIWeek Challenge  

Tell us what you learned! Based on the lessons from NAA’s DE&I Awareness Week, use your growing knowledge to post suggestions you think would create a more inclusive workplace. Using #NAADEIWeek, show us what proactive steps you’d like to present to the leadership, then join the discord as one of NAA’s DE&I Thought Leaders. Make sure to post after every lesson for your chance to win a DE&I Workplace Education Package, including a copy of the book The Power of Employee Resource Groups: How People Create Authentic Change by Farzana Nayani and a special online DE&I Resource from our education partner, Visto. We’ll announce the Top 5 Winners on Monday, October 17.  

Webinar Schedule

Monday, October 10 at 2 p.m. EDT

Individuals from different generations often have mutually beneficial perspectives on work and the world. Join Lorri Oliver and Jesse Miller as we learn how to create a standard for and enhance your company’s unified and inclusive company culture by confronting ageism and building bridges amongst every generation in your workplace.

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Tuesday, October 11 at 2 p.m. EDT

Snap judgments are easy to make, but microaggressions may negatively impact your interactions within the rental housing industry. Join Dr. Ryan Wagner as we learn how to identify, mitigate and cope with microaggressions.

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Wednesday, October 12 at 2 p.m. EDT

The negative emotions associated with being excluded in social settings can be difficult to resolve. Join Ebony Butler as we discuss ways to promote inclusion, cultivate belonging for all and demonstrate leadership’s pivotal role in creating safe and encouraging spaces for employees.

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Thursday, October 13 at 2 p.m. EDT

Events over recent years have dramatically raised the awareness of, and interest in, the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Join Jen Piccotti and Camron Shelton to learn some initial insights gained from the 2022 NAA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey.

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Lead the Charge – #NAADEIWeek Toolkit  

Help spread the word on the 2nd Annual NAA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Awareness Week. Share these digital tools with your company and professional network across all channels. Don’t forget to let them know to use #NAADEIWeek and share your photos and stories with us.  

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