NAA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Awareness Week

The third annual NAA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Awareness Week, sponsored by Home Depot Pro, is back with an additional day of learning to further develop your knowledge and help you become a DE&I advocate and policy leader in the workplace and your community. Building on last year’s lessons of supporting an intergenerational workforce, uncovering microaggressions, promoting inclusivity and building a foundation for diversity, equity and inclusion, you’ll learn about taming toxicity at work, properly supporting DE&I Leaders, expanding your market share through accessibility, an affiliate DE&I framework and fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging with storytelling.   

Each day, you’ll be guided by experts through online sessions that tie into the other lessons of the week, while also learning communication strategies from other rental housing professionals.

Register today for one or all of the educational sessions to further develop your DE&I knowledge.

Date: October 16 – 20 

Price: Free

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At The Home Depot, our values guide us on everything we do, and they are embedded in our culture. Our expanded focus on diversity, equity and inclusion supports all eight of our core values, including respect for all people, giving back, and building strong relationships. Learn more about how diversity, equity and inclusion align with our company values.


Combatting toxic company culture goes beyond getting rid of the “cool table” in the cafeteria. Join our panel of inclusion experts as we map out how to identify and call-out the key traits of toxic workplace culture through real-life accounts and how to construct practical approaches to proactively nurture inclusivity and apply intersectional insights. 

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Acknowledging the need and appointing a principal are only the start of your organizations’ diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) journey. Sit down with DE&I Leaders, Crystal Dukes and Monica Frazier as we explore what it takes to genuinely support DE&I in the rental housing industry, consider the impact on DE&I leaders once their appointed and learn how to help them and your DE&I program thrive.

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Although the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law 33 years ago, the rental housing industry continues to struggle with moving beyond the legal compliance of checking the accessibility box. Let’s have an open discussion, led by our expert panel, about the best ways to leverage accessibility and inclusion as competitive advantages. We’ll also examine our implicit biases during the decision-making process from the top down and find ways to budget for change while mitigating risk and liabilities.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) includes affiliates, too. Affiliate associations face the same challenges as other organizations in cultivating DE&I environments for themselves and their members. Join our panel of affiliate leaders as they provide first-hand accounts of their hurdles, how to reach your goals through creative strategies and how to maintain, fund and assess your DE&I program. 

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A DEI culture is designed to promote understanding, inclusivity, and equity in an organization. Storytelling can be an effective bridge to a DEI culture by shifting the narrative to the heart of diversity, which is the people. Join our panel of rental housing experts as they offer space to discover the impact of storytelling on the foundation of company culture, share how to use storytelling to create a culture of acceptance, provide insights into the importance of meeting people in the organization where they are, and offer tips for reframing organizational culture by setting DEI goals.

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#NAADEIWeek Toolkit 

Help spread the word on the 3rd Annual NAA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Awareness Week. Share these digital tools with your organization and professional network across all channels. Don’t forget to let them know to use #NAADEIWeek and share your photos and stories with us. 

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